Capcom Pro Tour 2015: Hypespotting, Stunfest, Milan Games Week and Dreamhack Winter are your EU Premier Events


UPDATE: The Capcom Pro Tour website has a complete list of all Ranking and Premier events. The confirmed Ranking events in Europe are:

  • Cannes Winter Clash (Cannes, France)
  • FFM-Rumble (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Dreamhack Summer (Jonkoping, Sweden)
  • Versus Fighting (Apparently in London, but almost certainly really in Birmingham, UK)
  • EGX (London, UK)
  • Red Fight District (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

As far as I’m aware, RFD and VSF were not even announced prior to today. Original article below.

Hot off the press! Capcom’s announced the Premier events for this year’s Capcom Pro Tour. The four EU tournaments which have earned this honour, and a huge pile of cash, are as follows:

  •  Hypespotting 2015
  • Stunfest 2015
  • Milan Games Week
  • Dreamhack Winter

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Let’s Play Sunless Sea!


I’m doing a Let’s Play of Sunless Sea at the moment. It’s an awesome video game by the makers of Fallen London, full of story and danger. It’s up on Youtube, but I thought it’d be neat to link the first three videos here.

If you like these videos, I’d really like to hear your comments and suggestions.

To Zee!

Reality of Life on Universal Credit – a Jobseeker’s Perspective

UC is Rubbish

NB: This has nothing to do with fighting games. I do have a little political streak and I wanted to get this off my chest. I pay for this webhosting dagnabbit, get off my lawn.

Universal Credit is rubbish.

You can all go home now.

OK. You’re looking for a bit more than just the headline. Perhaps you’re not clued up on Iain Duncan Smith’s new welfare system, which replaces several disconnected benefits systems and is now scheduled to roll out nationwide. So, my dear reader, let me do that cluing up for you. This is my second month on the UC system, and I think I’ve seen enough to give my one-word opinion on it. Rubbish. Backward. Unfit-for-purpose.

It occurs to me…

… that I really should just use this as a blog if I’m going to be paying the web hosting bills!

I’m not dead, neither is this site. The problem is that the UK scene doesn’t need a one-true-site like this concept in 2015. Social media won. Web 2.0 is dead. All hail your Facebook overlords.

Nevertheless, my intention remains to try and bring light to the shadows of the UK FGC. Less mindless reporting, more blogs, experiences and maybe a little light entertainment. Maybe I’ll just fill this place with art. Who knows!

I’ll be at the MBA Hypespotting qualifier this weekend. Should be a laugh, even if I expect to get battered. Plus, I have a new job. So many reasons to be happy and optimistic!

In any case, nobody really reads this place anyway, so I’m really just talking to myself. ;)

Sunday Face Off (June 2014) Results

SFO logo

Sunday Face Off took place in Leeds yesterday, and in a surprising turn of events I was able to attend. Although I didn’t do especially well, getting knocked out by MBA Fuzzy and SFO Bennerz in USFIV, the event was hugely enjoyable and I fully intend to go more often in the future. Credits to Trinh and the team for running a great event. Normal news reporting and tournament results below:

The tournament series, hosted by the SFO group, is a series of fighting game events that are based out of the Crown Plaza hotel in central Leeds, and this month featured their first Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament as well as a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament, with supercades provided by Grand Master Challenge. There was also a side tournament for USFIV Edition Select.

Below are the results for both tournaments.

VS Fighting 4 re-launched: Central Birmingham, 23-24 August


Versus Fighting – the Midland’s yearly fighting game tournament series – has re-launched its 2014 event after being forced to cancel it earlier in the year due to venue trouble. Relocated to Millenium Point in Birmingham and scheduled for the August bank holiday weekend, the tournament was re-announced as something a bit special – the UK’s only (and outside of Dreamhack Winter, the EU’s only) Capcom Pro Tour Premiere Event.

Being a Premiere event isn’t just a bullet point, either. The winner of Ultra Street Fighter IV at VSF4 will not only be taking home a trophy, they’ll also be taking home a big wedge of a pot bonus of over £1150, 256 Pro Tour ranking points and automatic entry into the Capcom Pro Tour finals in December.

Outside of USFIV, the tournament will also feature official competitions for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3.

We at JetUpper are immensely happy for Justin Xavier and his team’s announcement, so we can definitely recommend checking this event out. You can find out more details about the tournament over at Versus Fighting 4’s official site. Check out the Capcom Pro Tour’s website for more on the Tour. And check out the official VSF4 Facebook group for discussions and general hype.

UK USFIV videos: Pro Fluke shows off crazy El Fuerte combos utilising Red Focus

Pro Fluke calls himself the UK’s number 1 El Fuerte, and it’s hard not to disagree when he can pull this kind of nonsense off:

That’s 26 Run-Stop-Fierces. On a 360 pad.

Fluke apparently wasn’t satisfied, and put out a follow-up video showcasing a similar combo without opening with a counter-hit:

This guy has a fundraiser to go to Evo, by the way.

There’s a tonne of videos coming out for USFIV today as the world gets its hands on Capcom’s major (and probably final) update to the veteran game. Desk in particular has a lot of interesting stuff coming out, and I’ll be reviewing all them tomorrow. For now, I’m enjoying USFIV. What is, ultimately, a budget update buillt out of ports of SFxT assets works surprisingly well as a refresh of the title. The new characters all offer something interesting, the changes to the returning cast are largely welcome and the new game mechanics add something genuinely new to a game that hadn’t seen a major gameplay revision since the implementation of two ultras per character back in Super. Happy days.

Dreamhack Summer 2014 Gives USFIV its own Arena


Dreamhack Summer 2014 is looking to be an amazing event. On their news page, the Dreamhack events team has announced The Street Fighter Arena – a dedicated stage specifically for their Capcom Pro Tour event for Ultra Street Fighter IV.

I know what you’re thinking. I get to go and lose on stream whilst ON A STAGE.

It’s going to be amazing.

You will be able to catch it on a stream run by Armshouse, the premiere European streaming group run by WorstGiefEVER. On commentary will be Logan “I could hear him for the entire time I was playing against Ghandi” Sama and Spain’s Cammy-playing extraordinare Necromina.

The room can seat 300 people, and is a clear indication of how seriously the Dreamhack organization team now takes Street Fighter. Also announced was the event’s schedule for USFIV. Although the open tournament will be on Saturday only, both days will feature USFIV, with Sunday featuring the Swedish-only ESPORTSM USFIV tournament. I’ve reached out to WorstGiefEVER on Twitter to see if he will be streaming both days.

In other really neat Dreamhack news, the event will be running both an expo-style shopping area full of nerdery and cosplay items. This is a great excuse to stock up on some Swedish Kronor and buy yourself a Pikachu onesie some awesome gaming gagetry, clothing and games.

Dreamhack is an amazing event and I’d strongly encourage anyone who likes SF to go. If you cannot make it to Dreamhack Summer, you can also look to attend Dreamhack Valencia (July), Dreamhack Stockholm (September) or Dreamhack Winter (November). Go. It’s an awesome event.


Ryan Hart wins the last ever SSF4:AE2012 major at UFGTX


Ryan Hart took gold – or in this case, a trophy shaped like an E-Tank from Megaman X – on Sunday at the final day of Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament X, which took place over the May Bank Holiday weekend in Chigago, IL.

Battling through the AE2012 Top 32 in Winners, the long-time UK threat (playing Sagat) beat Glitch (Rufus), EG|K-Brad (Cammy) and EG Justin Wong (Rufus) before facing Wolfkrone (C. Viper) in Winner’s Finals. After sending Wolfkrone to losers in a convincing three-nil set, the ‘Prodigal Son’ awaited the winner of Loser’s Finals, where Wolfkrone faced and beat EG Justin Wong to return and face Hart. In the ensuing Grand Finals set, Ryan Hart beat Wolfkrone 3-1, adding another 2014 US trophy to his collection and seeing out the end of Super Street Fighter 4’s long reign as the biggest fighting game on the planet.

Also at UFGTX, Ryan Hart (still with Sagat) made it through the Ultra Street Fighter IV preview tournament bracket to face off against Justin Wong (Elena) in Grand Finals. Justin Wong, the undisputed master of finding what works early in a game’s life, put on an impressive show with Elena and took Ryan out in a set which made the matchup look pretty tough for Sagat. Both Grand Finals sets, along with much of the rest of UFGTX’s final day, are enclosed within the 15-hour long VOD of LevelUpLive’s stream, which is linked below. See below the video for time stamps of Ryan’s performance in USF4 and SSF4:AE2012 finals.

Watch live video from leveluplive on TwitchTV


USF4: Ryan Hart vs Justin Wong (Winner’s Finals) – 05h:23m

USF4: Ryan Hart vs Justin Wong (Grand Finals) – 05h:50m

SSF4:AE2012: Ryan Hart vs Wolfkrone (Winner’s Finals) – 09h:52m

SSF4:AE2012: Ryan Hart vs Wolfkrone (Grand Finals) – 10h:13m

Desk absorbs many, many hits in his new USF4 “Red Focus Showcase” combo video

decapre punishing honda using rf

Yes, Internet, I am late on this, but this is pretty cool so I want to have this on the blog. Behold, Desk’s new combo video.

The Hugo vs Zangief combo will certainly get people talking, but personally I found the meaty Ultra punishes much more interesting. Perhaps not as stylish, but really interesting from a wakeup standpoint. If you think someone is going to mash a multi-hitting but not armour breaking move (Oni’s DPs, for example) when you are getting up, you are going to score a lot of damage, but at the very real risk of getting thrown and losing two bars of meter. Neat!